Love Riverside

Love Riverside’s vision is to inspire generosity that brings love in action to Riverside. They do this through hosting city-wide serve days, inspiring ongoing volunteerism, collaborating with leaders & communicating city & neighborhood events that show all the great things happening in our city.
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Faith In Motion/Foster All
Faith in Motion is an initiative in Riverside County connecting faith-based groups to the County’s social service agency. FosterAll recruits prospective resource/foster parents from faith communities and provides ongoing support to these heroic families so that they can provide safe and loving homes for the thousands of children who have been abused and neglected. For more information, visit
Rebirth Homes
Rebirth Homes exists to redeem the lives of human trafficking victims through a holistic healing approach that combines spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental healing in a 24-month program. For more information, please email


Dennis and Kyle Leon

Leon_Family_2013_Facebook_croppedDennis and Kyle Leon are currently ministering in Esterillos Oeste, Costa Rica, The Leon’s have a unique ministry in Costa Rica involving their love of surfing with Christian Surfers International. Dennis is currently the pastor of two church plants, and both he and Kyle disciple young people. The Leon’s open their home to teenage boys from troubled families, who stay with them in order to learn what a healthy family structure looks like. The Leon’s also support the boys’ families emotionally and spiritually, and have seen families renewed through this process.  

International Child Care Ministries – Stand for Children

More children are trafficked in India than anywhere else in the world. “Stand for Children” equips caregivers, parents, pastors and other adults involved with our children’s hostels with information to prevent, intervene and end child trafficking in India. We have expanded into schools and other community groups to proclaim the message of freedom for all.
Empowering Lives International- Men of Change in East Africa
Equipping men to build bridges that heal wounds and resource change.